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Heidelberg, Germany

Next time you are in Germany, you should try and do a day or two in the lovely town of Heidelberg. This town is very historic and features a few good tourism places to check out. I have been to Heidelberg twice now and have enjoyed my visit each time.

I recommend staying at the Heidelberg Marriott Hotel. It is located right on the water way and close walking distance to old town. In the summer months there is even a water taxi that will take you up and down the river with a stop right at the hotel.


One of the restaurants I really recommend trying is Schnitzelbank. This restaurant requires reservations in advance. There theme is good German food and it is really good too. I have been to this restaurant 3 times now and all 3 times have been excellent. The Schnitzel is the most popular item, however I went with the rump steak and was not disappointed. The steak was cooked perfectly and was served with potatoes, green beans, and a garlic butter.

The restaurant is themed inside to look like an old candle lit workshop. One thing to note about this restaurant is that you may be seated with other people. The main tables are long and have bench seating. This is not a big deal, however since you will enjoy your experience and get to meet new people.

Putting the FUN in Funicular..

Thats right, I went there. One of the great things to do in Heidelberg is to ride the funicular up the mountain. There are two funiculars in operation. One from the castle to about half way up. The second goes from the half way point to the top. The carriages on the one from the Castle up are new and modern, however the ones from to the top are the old vintage ones. I opted to drive half way up the mountain and catch the funicular to the top, allowing me to ride the vintage one.

For those who do not know how a funicular works, it’s basically two cars that are connected by a single cable via a pulley and motor. Both cars leave the opposite station at the same time and cross paths in the middle. The Heidelberg Funicular is a shared track funicular. There is only a spot in the middle where the track splits allowing the two cars to pass each other before re-joining the main track.

After your ride on the Funicular to the top, you are treated to a fantastic view of Heidelberg.

The Old Castle

You can not visit Heidelberg without visiting the castle. This castle is open to the public and has a lot of things to see in it. You can also book a guided tour of the castle,. However I just walked around and explored it at my own pace. The castle experience is centered around the courtyard. There is food, shops and restrooms available inside the castle.

The castle features Germany’s Largest Wine Barrel. The Heidelberg Tun was constructed in 1751 and had a capacity of 58, 574 US Gallons. It took over 130 Oak trees to construct it. There are stairs to take you to the top of it.

There is also the Germany Pharmacy Museum located inside the castle. Admission is included in your castle ticket and it has a lot of history on German Pharmacy’s. It featured methods and packaging of the history of the topic.

Let me know how you like visiting Heidelberg on your next trip to Germany!