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Moxy Tokyo

The few times I have been to Tokyo I have always stayed at the Courtyard Tokyo Station. But for my last visit, I decided to stay at the Moxy Tokyo.

For those of you looking for a full on Marriott experience, this is not the hotel for you. This hotel is different, but not in a bad way! It’s very modern, clean, simple, and right to the point. It’s a hotel that’s designed for you not to spend a lot of time in your room. When you arrive at the hotel, you will notice, this is not your typical hotel. From the modern art, to the funky furniture, this hotel is an experience.

You will start by entering the hotel and walking to the bar. The bar services as the Check In desk, Bar, Food Ordering are, and more. The woman at the front desk spoke very good English and was able to assist with checkin without any issues. The room I reserved was a King room and that is what was offered to me at check in. The room featured a Bed, and a good size bathroom. The room was actually very large for my expectations of Japan. One thing that is nice about the room is that there is hooks on the walls everywhere. It keeps things off the floor. Your Table, your chair, your hair dryer, etc are all on the hooks. It makes the room look very large and allows you to only put down what you need.

The Moxy hotels are also mostly paperless. There are no “about this hotel” flyers or binders in the room., Instead, all of the information on the hotel can be access via the television. Using the interactive menu, you can find local info about the area, hotel services offered, and other things you typically find in that binder in the desk drawer. The Bed featured nightstands with led reading lights and USB ports to charge your devices. The bed was very comfy and had quality sheets and pillows.

The Bathroom was good sized too. The Moxy’s do use the in shower Pumps for shampoos, so do take note of that. The shower also featured a glass window facing the bedroom, So if you are traveling with a co worker or family member, you may want to keep that in mind. Water pressure and temperature were average.

The Lobby of the hotel also featured weekly events like Live Music.

Overall, This hotel met my needs and worked really well. This hotel will probably become my go to hotel for Tokyo.