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Earlier this year I did a layover stay at the Residence Inn Boston Downtown. Going into this stay I knew this hotel was new, but did not know how new it actually was. During my stay I discovered that the hotel was actually only open for two weeks when I checked in. At first, this scared me a little, but soon those fears were unwarranted.


This hotel is located about a 15 minute walk away from the subway and features onsite paid parking. The lobby has a small snack area with plenty of choices available 24 hours a day. Past the snack area was the check in desk. There was also a security desk that was manned 24 hours a day. Check in was a breeze. And a few moments later I was off to my room. Since this hotel was a Residence Inn, I knew going in that each room features a small kitchen with appliances and dishes.

One of the nice things the Residences Inn’s do now, is do your grocery shopping for you. They provide you a list you fill out and when you come back at the end of the day, your fridge will be socked with the items you requested. I did not use this service.

The room was a good size room and featured a couch, large TV, and a comfy bed.

The lamps on the nightstands featured outlets to plug in your devices for charging. There was also a small desk area next to the tv dresser that looked out the window.

The Bathroom was a good size too. The only complaint I had about the rooms is the water pressure was not great nor did the temperature ever get really hot enough. The Shower was a good size and had plenty of room to clean in.

Seams like all hotels now are going to the dispensers on the wall.

The Lobby of the hotel was also very nice and featured a free breakfast that had plenty to choose from.

Overall, for this hotel only being open two weeks, they really had their act together. The hotel was very clean and ran like a proper Marriott Hotel. I am keeping this one bookmarked for the next time I have to stay in the Boston area.