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Spy_Hotel – St. Ermin’s Hotel – London

Come with me down to St. James Park in London and explore the Spy Hotel. Why is this hotel called the Spy Hotel? Well during the 1930’s MI6 used it. I would encourage you to read the official Wikipedia Article. The hotel has a lot of history and they embrace that throughout.

Lobby Grand Staircase

There is a lot of books, artwork, and gadgets placed around the lobby celebrating its history. It will take you a good amount of time to see it all so make sure you plan some time for it!

There is also a Bee Hotel on the roof.
Entry way to the room.

The room was a large king room. It featured a good sized bathroom and a large bed.

The Bathroom was also decent sized. and featured on wall pump dispensers.

I would consider this property again when staying in London. It was very convenient to get to the tube (Victoria Railway Station is about 1KM away.)

Unique room keys.