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Moxy London

Last October I had the opportunity to check out the Moxy in London. This hotel is located in the Heathrow Airport hotel area. Because of this, it was already off to a bad start because of the terrible Hotel Hoppa service that is ran by NationalExpress. Basically, This service has the monoploy on transport to the LHR Hotels from the terminals. The hotels are not allowed to run their own shuttles and you can’t officially walk. Sometimes you have to wait up to 75 minutes for a bus to take you on a 40 minute journey to go 2 miles. (and it cost you between 5 and 7 pounds per way). Taking this out of the rest of the article, lets begin:


The lobby of this hotel is very large. It takes up the entire ground floor of the hotel. There is plenty of seating and things to do in it. There is also a bar and kitchen.

You check in at the Bar. and then proceed to the elevator up to your floor. On this night (Sunday) there were not very many people in the lobby. There is also a record player with some vintage records to listen to. Since the unit was unplugged, I did not put any on.

I got up to my room and settled down. This room is a standard room and had a small bathroom. The Room did not have any paper information in it, instead its all access via the TV. The Moxy hotels do not offer any room service so there will not be a menu for that.

Bed with Nightstand.

The Moxy hotels also do not have those tiny shampoo bottles. They feature wall mounted bottles for Body Wash, Shampoo and Soap.

My layover was very short at this hotel so I was unable to experience the bar, however breakfast was very interesting. (Mashed Potatoes for breakfast?)