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London: Navigating the TUBE

Navigating a foreign country can be challenging, however you will find that navigating the tube in London is quite easy. Everything is clearly marked and using apps like Apple Maps or City Rail Map (One of my favorites for public transit) you can navigate the tube like a pro (and not look like a tourist!)

The tube is mostly underground. There are a few above ground lines, but you will spend most of your ride in the depths below London. Hop on down the escalator and you will arrive at the platform. Most platforms have digital signs that tell you how long to expect the next train.

The Newer stations have doors on the tracks so you won’t accidentally fall in. These doors open and close very fast. Do not try to run into the train when they are closing, they will close on you!

Ridding on the tube is very easy. just hop on and go for a ride. The seats match the theme of the line you are on.

When paying on the tube, you can use any credit card that has contactless support, ApplePay, or you can get a free Oyster card. I opted to go with the ApplePay route using my American Airlines MasterCard. A small note is that the tube will not accept contactless American Express Cards that are issued in the USA. If you need to use an American Express card, You will have to load fare onto an Oyster card.

Waterloo Station

Using the tube is by far one of the quickest ways to get around London. The Map looks very confusing, but it is very easy to follow.

via TFL

In short, What you should do is :

1 – Get a Contactless Credit Card or setup ApplePay

2 – Download City Rail Map or use Apple Maps

3 – Enjoy the ride!